Having acquired a recognized expertise, our team of engineers are continuously striving to improve their performances by providing high quality services at a very competitive price.

Telecommunication Structures

Since its inception, our company has demonstrated its expertise in the design of telecommunication structures. The work accomplished by this department includes:
  • Design of new customized and standard structures;
  • Structural analysis of all types of towers;
  • Inspection and verification of existing structures;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of telecommunication sites;
  • Civil engineering for new microwave links, etc.;
  • Verification of towers’ verticality and torsion as per standards CSA S37
    and TIA 222-G;
  • Verification of guy wire tension.

Civil Works

Captel provides the following services to its customers:
  • Design of structure foundations;
  • Complete structure installation engineering:
    • On-site survey;
    • Feasibility study;
    • Civil design.
  • Design of roof-top support structures:
    • Shelter;
    • Antenna.
  • Verification of overall condition of infrastructures:
    • Foundation;
    • Access road;
    • Shelter.
  • Inspection and verification of various components:
    • Transmission line;
    • Antenna;
    • Hardware.


The Engineering Department uses leading-edge technology to provide various services, including:
  • Microwave link path analysis (path loss):
    • Site survey, obstacle analysis and reliability assessment.
  • Passive reflector:
    • Survey, positioning and foundations.
  • Transmission lines and RF antennas:
    • New signal received, standing-wave ratio.
  • Transmission equipment performance and configuration;
  • AC-DC power:
    • System load, power and control analysis.
  • Site management and monitoring:
    • Integration, interface design and programming.
  • Compliance with standards:
    • Structure beacon system;
    • Outside grounding.
  • Shelter/Environmental control:
    • Layout, fire protection, ventilation control, inside grounding, emergency AC circuit.
  • Developing testing specifications and drafting procedures;
  • Preparing installation specifications and drawings.


Using a recognized 3D computer and software system, the design team:
  • Creates design drawings;
  • Prepares various submission, manufacturing and installation drawings;
  • Updates as-built drawings.
Drawings files are electronically transferred tmanufacturing machine-tools to avoid errors.