Projects Completed


  • Providing and installing a grounding grid with skywire at power sites;
  • Converting fire protection to Novec 1230 system;
  • Providing a diesel building, including: fire protection, DC power system, remote monitoring, generator and accessories;
  • Providing a telecommunication site radio building, including: power, fire protection, air conditioning and ventilation;
  • Various work (dismantling, reconditioning, ventilation of diesel room; providing and installing a new generator unit, new electrical entry, etc.);
  • Providing steel structures for Hydro-Québec substations.

Rogers Wireless

  • HSDPA Project – Providing and installing steel structures, adding HSDPA and microwave lines and antennas;
  • Designing, providing and installing various towers with foundations.

D.G.R.T. - Centre de services partagés du Québec

As part of the DGRT project RÉNIR:
  • Providing and installing various towers with foundations;
  • Performing construction work (reinforcement) and installing antennas.

SNC-Lavalin Nexacor

  • As part of the DGRT project RÉNIR, adding antennas on Télébec sites;
  • Designing, providing and installing various towers with foundations on Télébec sites.

Bell Mobility

  • Deploying analog and digital networks in Québec and Ontario.

Télébec ltée

  • Deploying analog and digital networks.


  • Deploying analog and digital networks;
  • Engineering and path analysis; providing, installing and commissioning microwave links.

Hydro-Québec International

  • Turnkey engineering project; providing, installing and commissioning a microwave network in the Peruvian Andes.

Microcell Connexions

  • Deploying a digital network in Québec, Ontario and the Maritimes.