Testing and Commissioning

Testing is performed efficiently and professionally by qualified technicians to provide customers with an accurate assessment of the equipment’s performance. Captel operates a testing lab with appropriate DC power supply. Tests normally performed include:

RF System:

  • Satellite dish alignment;
  • Passive reflector alignment;
  • Line and antenna sweep;
  • Received signal level;
  • Path analysis.

Transmission Equipment:

  • SONET and asynchronous point-to-point microwave links 2 to 40 GHz:
    • Operating margin, error rate, etc.
  • SONET and asynchronous fiber optics links in terminal or ring mode:
    • Levels, error rate, configuration software.
  • Intelligent multiplexer;
  • Digital channel bank;
  • Peripheral equipment.

Power Systems:

  • Battery operating time;
  • Rectifier and converter settings;
  • Noise measurements;
  • Switching criteria;
  • Monitor and programmable controller parameters.

Environmental Management:

  • Fuel leak;
  • Temperature, ventilation;
  • Detector calibration.

Test Bench:

  • Network simulation;
  • Performance testing.